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Own repair a sewing machine

You interested problem fix smash a sewing machine? You have got at. About this you can read in current article.
Possible my advice seem unusual, but sense ask himself: does it make sense general repair its a sewing machine? may wiser will buy new? Think, has meaning least learn, how is a new sewing machine. For it enough just make appropriate inquiry mail.ru.
The first step sense search master by fix sewing machine. This can be done using any finder, let us say, mail.ru. If price services for fix for you will acceptable - can think question exhausted. Otherwise - in this case you will be forced to repair own.
If you all the same decided own hands practice repair, then in the first instance need learn how repair a sewing machine. For this purpose sense use rambler or yandex, or review binder magazines "Skilled master", "Junior technician" and etc..
I hope this article least little help you solve question.
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