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To the question about, fix gamepad

Supposably, you there gamepad. Served it to you enough long, eg, several years. But suddenly it breaks. what to do? Given problem and will devoted article.
Mending Controller - difficult it.
Likely it seem unusual, but for a start there meaning wonder: whether it is necessary general repair its out of service gamepad? may easier will buy new? Inclined considered, there meaning learn, how money is a new gamepad. it make, enough visit profile shop or make appropriate inquiry mail.ru or google.
The first step has meaning search master by repair Controller. This can be done using your favorites finder, site free classified ads or corresponding forum. If price repair you want - consider question resolved. If price repair would can not afford - then have do everything their hands.
If you decided own repair, then the first thing necessary learn how repair gamepad. For it sense use finder, eg, google, or browse issues magazines "Himself master", "Fix it all own forces", "Model Construction" and they similar.
Hope you do not nothing spent time and this article least something helped you solve this problem. The next time I will write how fix lamp or automatic umbrella.